Lexington Broadband Internet Pep Rally Video

The Lexington Broadband Initiative derives from a post ¬≠Irene Long Term Recovery Grant study in which the town identified broadband and cell coverage as their No. 1 goal to help Lexington renew and revitalize. It is the foundation goal that makes all other other development objectives possible. Our partner in our grant application is MTC Cable, a subsidiary of Margaretville Telephone. Other partners include Western Catskill Community Revitalization Counsel; Catskill Watershed Corporation; Catskill Center for Conservation & Development; and Greene County Office of Economic Development, Tourism and Planning, for in kind services. We thank Mid¬≠Hudson Cable for their assistance in providing interconnection options for our proposed fiber network. Lexington represents MTC’s second step into Greene County following on successful and ongoing expansion of telecommunications services into the Town of Halcott.