Thank you for coming to April 18th Meeting.

Thank you to those of you who were able to make our April 18 meeting to meet MTC, our Lexington Broadband Initiative partner. We are thrilled that MTC plans “90% plus” coverage for the town and look forward to seeing the final plan design. Our broadband will be state of the art “fiber to the residence,” which is “future proof,” meaning it will be able to handle higher broadband speeds currently under consideration at the state and federal level. You do not need to worry about overage charges because data caps are very high, and plan adjustments could be made to meet your use.

You can also opt for phone and TV along with broadband service in a bundled package. You also will be able to give yourself cell service at home using a privately purchased and installed cellular network extender connected directly to your high speed broadband service. (We can provide info about that).

Our survey response target of 325 “yes to service” replies has been met and surpassed and we are working to receive even more replies to make our grant application as undeniable as we can, and to give as complete a profile to MTC as we can.

The meeting brought County Director of Economic Development & Tourism Warren Hart and Congressman Gibson broadband specialist Ann Mueller to the meeting to speak as well. They have advised us to “keep pressing” our legislators to remember Lexington, and we will.

Our grant application will be prepared by MTC and the Western Catskills Revitalization Project and will be submitted in what is expected to be a short window for applications of 4 – 6 weeks, beginning, we anticipate, some time in June.