513 Homes Added to over 400 Round 2 Homes

Hello! You didn’t give up hope, did you? Round 3 Awards for the New New York Broadband pubic – private partnership grant program came out this week. MTC’s application to cover 513 additional homes in Lexington using state and federal dollars was successful. Round 3 adds to the over 400 homes passed awarded in Round 2 competition. We will have nearly complete fiber optic coverage in the Town of Lexington. What does that mean? Every eligible public road is the commitment MTC makes to Lexington. We’ll get ‘er done was the commitment the Lexington Broadband Initiative made to itself when we began.

When? The Round 2 buildout that includes the hamlet of Lexington, Airport Road, County Route 13, a Jewett extension, and Spruceton Road, along with the connector links to bring fiber to each area (along 23A and Route 42– serving homes on each side of the connectors) has a 2-year completion window. Round 2 is to be completed by the end of 2018. The latest award has a 2-year window as well, bringing completion of Round 3 by the end of 2019.

There will be some concurrent buildout where it is logical, meaning some areas of Round 3 are simply more logical to build as Round 2 is being built because of their location. The new award removes cost constraints for that, but the time constraints for Round 2 mean that those Round 3 areas immediately built will be few and the bulk of the Round 3 areas will wait until Round 2 is complete before buildout. In anticipation of success, MTC always had a complete design for the town. MTC is close to the end of “make-ready” work that depends on information from both Verizon and Central Hudson concerning poles and pole conditions. Materials for the buildout of Round 2 are ready to go. Materials needed for Round 3 can now be ordered.

MTC had additional good news concerning the company itself. On the same day that they received their Broadband Round 3 Award announcement, they also formally became a majority employee owned company. This means MTC has a full commitment to its rural roots. They will remain in the area and are as invested in success as we are.

I look forward to seeing everyone in town who sang for, dreamed of, worked for and is happy about Lexington’s Broadband Initiative at our first farmers market of the season on May 26. We’re going to party like it’s the end of 2019, and the future belongs to us.