What Will Round II Coverage Look Like? Come Tuesday Night to Find Out

As many of you now know, Lexington was a big Round II winner in the “New NY” private/public Broadband grant competition for the Capital Region. MTC Cable was awarded $1,384,192 for its Lexington project. It is the biggest Round II award in Greene County, covering 401 units in town. Please join Margaretville Cable representatives at the Tuesday, March 7 town board meeting to hear details of the Round II plan of coverage.  The town board meets in the courtroom of the Municipal Building at 6:30. The Broadband presentation will be the first item on the agenda.

MTC will continue to compete on Lexington’s behalf in Round III, which opens in less than a month, to add even more areas of the town to the over half of Lexington now poised to receive Broadband– high speed Internet without punitive overage charges and low data caps– as a result of our Round II success. Because Round III opens so quickly on the heels of Round II, the physical build outs of both Rounds would end up being concurrent or nearly so, says MTC’s Glen Faulkner.

News of the coverage areas in town will be published via this site, lexingtonbroadband.org, and through posted information at our Post Offices after the meeting. You are welcome to contact me directly with any questions if you feel you have missed anything.

Best- Bonnie