Hoping Quartz Is Diamond For Us

We Are Featured in Online Article

Hello Lexington,

Quartz is an online news source and can be read around the world. Today, this article was posted. Enjoy!


Meanwhile, I am informed by Columbia County Town of Ghent Broadband organizer, Dave Berman, who sang with us on “Second Round Woes,” that Ghent will benefit from merger  conditions exacted by the Public Service Commission on Time Warner/Charter Communications. The town will be given access to 100 megabit service by “New Charter” under the PSC deal.  “Several other [nearly] towns will also benefit from that.,” Dave says.

In addition  the Columbia County Board of Supervisors has created a subcommittee under its economic development office and has appointed an advisory group for broadband, of which Dave will be a part.

Any town’s or county’s success is cause for celebration. It builds momentum for us all.