“Second Hand Woes” Don’t Bring Lexington Down – The BPO (Broadband Program Office) Gets an Earful

Hello Lexington! We made our video and audio recording (as threatened) so don’t be surprised to to find the place crawling with talent scouts waving film contracts at everyone. Thank you to the over 30 Lexington residents who came to the Francis DeSales Church to sing, and to friends from Haines Falls, Margaretville, Ashland and East Jewett who added their voices, bringing us to 41. Specials thanks to the Broadband Chair from the town of Ghent in Columbia County, Dave Berman, who came to meet us and was immediately seized, handed lyrics and slotted into the back row.

Our soloist, Glenda Lauten, and pianist, Jen Cawein, gave hours of their time to learn both song and piano. Espresso Pictures’s Kashka Glowacka and Benjamin Horn gave us time they couldn’t really spare to record, engineer, edit and produce the video and audio recording.

It’s appropriate to have used the Lexington Historical Society’s beautifully kept church for this effort. Lexington looks back and honors a past that has always involved neighbor helping neighbor, community breakfasts and dinners and barn dances, hard scrabble winters and wondrous springs. There is always a little Brigadoon in Lexington for the newcomer, especially when mists rise from the ravines after rain, and clouds actually do “scuttle” over the shoulder of a mountain, as they’re said to do in novels. It is Lexington’s generous spirit that filled the church on April 24 and that is what this effort of ours is meant to foster, preserve and use as a platform for a future we mean to direct.

Did I say “direct”? Heck, I did! Here’s the video! Go Team Lexington!

Here is just the audio of “Second Round Woes” :