On the Landline Front In the Town of Lexington

The Lexington Broadband Initiative took up not only our fight for Broadband, but also our issues with Verizon landline service.  
We solicited your landline problems and sent your landline stories to the Public Utility Law Project, a non-profit organization that represents residential low income and rural consumers in utility, telecommunications and energy-related matters seeking to advance universal service, affordability and consumer protection. We then went back to residents to see if Verizon had contacted them, if service had improved and if we could call our problems solved.
I met attorneys from PULP in September when I submitted an opinion to the Public Service Commission opposing the Time Warner Charter merger without concessions. I had the opportunity to explain our landline problems to PULP attorneys at that time and attorney Lisabeth Jorgensen has helped me bring our issues to the attention of Verizon on two occasions, first in November, 2015 and again last week.
I secured permission from PULP to reprint the letter Verizon received most recently below. I look forward to reporting to the Town of Lexington again after a conference with Verizon Vice President for our region, Leecia Eve.

2nd PULP Letter to Verizon on behalf of Town of Lexington