Round II Coverage Results

Hello Lexington,

Tuesday night’s Board turnout certainly made for a convincing picture of a town’s desire for Broadband coverage. Below, I have included a link to the coverage map provided by MTC on Tuesday evening. If you use your enlarging tools or magnifying glass, you may find it more enlightening.

The areas in maroon/pink are the eligible blocks that made up the Round II grant award to hook up over 400 Lexington homes (or units) and 260 in Jewett. The blue areas are the CAF (federal Connect America Fund) areas that the state fought to keep despite Verizon’s refusal to use the funds in Round !.

The federal funds, about $170 million, advance the state’s intention overall– to make the most of all money available to them –state and federal– to push closer to the New NY Broadband goal of Broadband 4-Everybody by the end of 2018. Those blue areas are targeted for federal funds. They also represent the coverage areas MTC plans to develop into a competitive application for in Round III, when the federal funds come into play. It is approximately 500 more homes that MTC envisions for the blue area. When remaining state and federal funds are combined, the grant fund for Round III applications totals over $300 million remaining for awards.

It is evident looking at the map that the Spruceton Valley (West Kill) is in the pink. MTC has made clear that they are linking the hamlets via Route 42, including “premises on both sides of the street along Rte 42, but not the side roads off Rte 42 to the west,” clarified Project Engineer Steve Finch in an email to me. I asked about back yards that meet Rte 42, even if the properties front on Howard or Chamberlin Roads. Project Engineer Finch answered: “Some of it depends on pole lines, where service drops originate, etc. We will connect them if it makes sense during the construction phase.  We don’t want to go back in any areas to over-build during a second round. If it seems logical, it probably is and will be part of Round 2.”

MTC will use Route 23A to get to Lexington hamlet from Prattsville. Coverage would be similar to Rte 42 coverage, including homes on both sides of the road. Coverage in Lexington hamlet along Route 13A is “probable, since MTC will be right there.”

In order to get to the Jewett area receiving MTC’s Round II coverage, MTC will follow County Route 13 (homes on both sides) and County Route 52 and along 23c in the northern portion of Lexington. The identified census blocks for MTC’s Round II run along the northern portion of 23C in Lexington.

This is a little meat for the bones of the map. I’ve taken a screenshot to allow you to study Lexington more closely.

Finally, I want to stress that what has happened in the southern area of Greene County is an example of something we don’t get to say much these days: synergy. The Broadband Program Office worked to smooth a path for providers, listened to them throughout Round I, made adjustments and encouraged participation. Greene County’s Broadband Chair, Warren Hart held round table discussion between providers encouraging the trading of facilities or services. They put the greater good, maximum coverage where there had been no coverage, ahead of aggressive blocking moves or disdain of the process. I know we have a debt of gratitude for their efforts.

On to Round III. Broadband for all of Lexington is our goal.

Round II Coverage Results Map:

Maroon/pink –  are the eligible blocks that made up the Round II grant award to hook up over 400 Lexington homes (or units) and 260 in Jewett

Blue Areas –  are the CAF (federal Connect America Fund) areas that the state fought to keep despite Verizon’s refusal to use the funds in Round 1.

What Will Round II Coverage Look Like? Come Tuesday Night to Find Out

As many of you now know, Lexington was a big Round II winner in the “New NY” private/public Broadband grant competition for the Capital Region. MTC Cable was awarded $1,384,192 for its Lexington project. It is the biggest Round II award in Greene County, covering 401 units in town. Please join Margaretville Cable representatives at the Tuesday, March 7 town board meeting to hear details of the Round II plan of coverage.  The town board meets in the courtroom of the Municipal Building at 6:30. The Broadband presentation will be the first item on the agenda.

MTC will continue to compete on Lexington’s behalf in Round III, which opens in less than a month, to add even more areas of the town to the over half of Lexington now poised to receive Broadband– high speed Internet without punitive overage charges and low data caps– as a result of our Round II success. Because Round III opens so quickly on the heels of Round II, the physical build outs of both Rounds would end up being concurrent or nearly so, says MTC’s Glen Faulkner.

News of the coverage areas in town will be published via this site,, and through posted information at our Post Offices after the meeting. You are welcome to contact me directly with any questions if you feel you have missed anything.

Best- Bonnie