Lexington Broadband Internet Pep Rally Video

The Lexington Broadband Initiative derives from a post ­Irene Long Term Recovery Grant study in which the town identified broadband and cell coverage as their No. 1 goal to help Lexington renew and revitalize. It is the foundation goal that makes all other other development objectives possible. Our partner in our grant application is MTC Cable, a subsidiary of Margaretville Telephone. Other partners include Western Catskill Community Revitalization Counsel; Catskill Watershed Corporation; Catskill Center for Conservation & Development; and Greene County Office of Economic Development, Tourism and Planning, for in kind services. We thank Mid­Hudson Cable for their assistance in providing interconnection options for our proposed fiber network. Lexington represents MTC’s second step into Greene County following on successful and ongoing expansion of telecommunications services into the Town of Halcott.

New York Public Service Commission Survey – Please fill it out


Once again we ask for your help!

The New York Public Service Commission (PSC) is investigating the state of New York telecommunications service, but the big phone and internet companies have already started to paint a picture that you might not recognize. Everything is awesome!! Which is far from the truth as we all know.

Help us give the PSC the view from where you sit — from your home office where the internet is inconsistent, from your living room where the connection can’t deliver HD programming, from your pocket full of dropped calls.

Please go here to fill out the NYPSC/Consumer Union Survey

New York State Broadband Survey

Hello Broadband supporters,

The New York State Broadband Program office has a survey available for everyone to take, that I am asking you all to please fill out here: http://www.nysbroadband.ny.gov/Your-Internet-Access

I also would like to ask you to take the Speed Test so we can show how awfully slow (and painful) our internet connections are! You can take the NYS Broadband Speed Test here: http://www.nysbroadband.ny.gov/speedtest/form

Here is the flyer in PDF format you can Email/Print etc


Thank you for your continuing support and hope to see you all on 7/18th (see below post) at the rally!